Helping You Do What You Love.

Music That Breathes

Need music for your next hit or ad campaign? We provide You with full Music Production services. We create music from scratch, meody lines or re-vamp pre-existing music or maybe you just need a place to record your song. We have a full audio/midi studio. You can record your podcast here as well. We also provide instrumentals and midi files.

JD Designs

Do you need a logo, business card or flyer for your business? Need designs for promotional products? Need to upgrade your look to a more modernize style? Then we offer Graphic Designs services to suit your project and budget. Let us help You build or expand your brand. We offer graphic design for print, social media and video.

enMOTION Video Production

Do you have an event you want covered? Do you need a promo video? Do you need footage edited? Do you need your logo animated or other motion graphics for your project? We offer video production services that includes camera men, video editor, motion graphic designer,shooting ads and promos and also private video shoots for special occasions.

Our Story

     In this life everyone has a internal desire to fulfil their purpose. Not that many people know what that purpose is. At Feed Your Passion we encourage you to follow your Passion. When you follow your Passion you will find your Purpose. We seek to give you the tools that will not only help you follow your passion but help you let the world know about it. No matter how good the product or service is, if no one hears about it you wont be successful. We offer three services that is at the root of advertising. Namely Graphic Design, Video and Audio Production. With ether one of these tools or the combination of them, you have all you need to expose your passion to the world. So What Are You Waiting For?? Contact Us Now!!!!!